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Why Is Dental Fear Not an Uncommon Issue?

March 4, 2022

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When your aunt revealed she hasn’t been to the dentist in four years, you couldn’t believe it. She mentioned that because she didn’t think she had any symptoms of dental problems, everything was probably fine. You begged her to check and make sure for her sake, and it sounds like she’s open to finally booking an appointment. While you are pleased to hear it, you can’t help but wonder if her real reason could be dental fear. Keep reading to learn from your dentist in Mount Vernon why that’s the actual root of the problem for many individuals.

Why Do People Say They Avoid the Dentist?

There are probably hundreds of reasons people might try to give, but here are five pretty common ones:

  • Fear: “Dentophobia” is a real thing. It can have many causes. Maybe a person witnessed someone else who seemed to be in pain at the dentist or they have a general fear of sharp objects.
  • Lack of Insurance: Someone may believe they simply cannot afford a dental visit. They might not think their insurance will cover treatment or maybe they don’t have any and have not checked on potential alternatives.
  • No Symptoms: A person might think they feel just fine and have no reason for an exam. There could be trouble ahead and they don’t see it coming. A cleaning is always important.
  • Forgetfulness: Someone will say they always forget to make an appointment. A well-placed sticky note reminder could remedy that.
  • Shame: If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time and are dealing with bad breath and/or dental issues, embarrassment or concern about being judged may keep you away.

Why Is the Dentist to be Cheered and Not Feared?

  • Treatments can be explained in advance. If you are worried about what happens during a preventive dentistry cleaning and exam at the office of your dentist in Mount Vernon, ask the hygienist to walk you through the process before any work begins.
  • Seeing the dentist as a real person can be helpful. A dentist is a person just like you with hobbies and favorite foods – not a mysterious figure behind a mask. Having a quick chat about non-dental topics can be comforting when you first meet them.
  • Dental tools shouldn’t be feared. If you are concerned about the tools used during an exam, ask the hygienist to explain to you what each one is used for before the cleaning and exam begins.
  • The average dental appointment lasts an hour or less. If you are scheduled for a cleaning and exam, it’s not going to take up your whole afternoon. Having your vehicle serviced will usually take longer than maintenance for your mouth.

Most people who don’t go to the dentist’s office probably believe their reasons for avoiding it are legitimate, but their teeth and gums won’t be interested in any excuses when plaque starts to take its toll. Making and following through on that one appointment could mean everything when it comes to getting more comfortable and conquering dental fear!

About the Practice

At Cross Creek Dental Care, you can always expect custom dentistry based on your specific oral health needs. Our dentists and staff will take the time to make sure you know everything that we do about your smile. This way, you can make confident, fully informed decisions about how we help you. If you are trying to get over dental fear, we will be glad to answer any questions you might have before treatment. You can schedule an appointment on our website or by calling (740) 392-6156 and feel free to ask anything you might wonder about a dental checkup and cleaning when you call.

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