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3 Ways to Boost Your Oral Health for Summer Vacation

May 4, 2022

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Summer is here, meaning it’s time to plan your upcoming vacation! You probably know to book your flight, pack your bags, and arrange an itinerary. But did you know you should also prioritize your oral health? You wouldn’t want teeth and gum issues to interfere with your fun in the sun. To that end, here are three essential dental care tips from your dentist in Mt. Vernon. Practice them so your smile enhances the summer experience!

Hydrate with Water (or Tea)

If you plan to spend much of your summer outdoors, ensure you’re drinking enough water. The refreshment will hydrate you, improve your breath, and wash away harmful bacteria. For instance, tap water has fluoride that strengthens enamel and prevents tooth decay. Still, any filtered water will work so long as it has calcium and phosphate.

You could also try tea if you feel water doesn’t have enough flavor. The former holds compounds that suppress bacteria, thus slowing down tooth decay and gum disease.

Avoid Sugary Foods & Drinks

Even when tempted, avoid overly sugary foods and drinks on your vacation.

Foods like ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and candies damage your teeth when eaten in excess. Due to their high sugar levels, they stimulate mouth bacteria that erodes tooth enamel. If that process goes too far, it can result in cavities and gum disease. Consider eating mouth-healthy alternatives like apples, carrots, celery, or nuts instead.

Similar concerns apply to sweet drinks like fruit juices and soda. However, they can stain in addition to eroding enamel. The dyes in soda sometimes lead to yellow or brown tooth stains. If you drink these beverages, use a straw so they won’t touch your teeth.

Prevent Dental Accidents

A sudden dental emergency would ruin a summer vacation. As such, keep one from happening by preventing dental injuries.

One way to do that is by following proper guidelines around swimming pools. Specifically, don’t run, roughhouse, or recklessly dive into shallow ends. Watch those around you to make sure they’re doing the same too.

You could also wear a mouthguard when playing summer sports. Activities like volleyball, biking, or skating often result in accidents that chip and crack teeth. A mouthguard would stop external forces from hurting your mouth and hold back excessive grinding or clenching.

Good oral health can seem trivial compared to everything else you need for a summer vacation. Yet tips like those above can mean the difference between an exciting or unpleasant trip.

About the Author

Dr. Eric Buck is one of the top dentists in the Mt. Vernon, Ohio, community. He maintains membership in many distinguished organizations, including the American Dental Association, the Ohio Dental Association, the Columbus Dental Society, and the Academy of General Dentistry. In addition to his dental work, he teaches dental photography at Spear Dental Education. Dr. Buck currently serves as clinical director at Cross Creek Dental Care and can be reached at his website or by phone at (740)-392-6156.

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